Our Frequently Asked Questions

Where are our products made?

All AC jewellery are produced in Italy

How can i return the jewelery?

Once you decide that you don’t want a product you send an email to customer@annaritacelano.com and tell us why you don’t want or want to change and we send you a confirmation email ,when you received you call the shipping company UPS and arrange a pickup and will pay for it

How do I get reimbursed?

Once we receive the jewellery that need to be with tag attach and same condition in which has been shipped we will provide a transfer of the money on your credit card. Please Note we cannot accept ruined pieces and we will send your back at your expenses.

What is bespoke?

Bespoke is the jewellery made on order, it requires 4 weeks to deliver and we can offer special Services such as changing stone colours, change necklace length, add a personal engrave or tag. All this can be done trough mail. Once we receive the full payment we put the pieces on production. Please note all the bespoke sales are final and cannot be reimbursed or substitute. Please note we offer a customer assistance on the bespoke items for 1 year.

Why do we ask for your date of birth?

We need to make invoices and we want to build a relationship with our clients, so we like to know as much as we can, birthdays…hobbies….

Can I receive an invoice for the goods purchaced?

Yes  we need all your details, your VAT number if available or date of birth.