Ethical Gold | Made by Hand | Crafted in Italy

Spirituality Meets Italian Luxury

We use our designs to educate lovers of jewelry and fashion about spirituality.

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My creations are meant to empower a woman by enhancing the deep link between her soul and her appearance."

Annarita Celano


Chakra Collection

The Chakra collection is the truest expression of Annarita Celano’s creative vision, bringing together ethically sourced gold, precious stones, and chakra symbols.

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The Italian Artisanal Tradition

We work with some of Italy's finest and exceptional artisans to craft pieces that honor ethical practices and our shared Italian heritage. They are committed to an enduring multigenerational tradition of excellence that respects art, design, quality, experience, and above all, care.




Annarita Celano has always been an outspoken advocate for sustainability, ethical practices, and respecting the artisanal tradition.

Spiritual Focus

Honoring and helping to protect the planet and treating everyone with dignity and importance is our unending spiritual focus.

Truly Italian

Every pieced is designed in Milan and crafted entirely in Italy.



Made by Hand

We work with exceptional artisans to craft pieces that honor sustainable practices and Italian heritage. 

Sustainable Materials

Our suppliers meet the highest standards of excellence from ethically sourced diamonds to using certified, sustainable practices.

Just for You

Each piece takes 3 weeks to be expertly crafted and is made 1 at a time.

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Made by Hand in Italy by Italian Master Artisans