Ethical Gold | Made by Hand | Crafted in Italy

Spirituality Meets Italian Luxury

We believe in the power of the mind and the strength of Nature. Love for beauty and respect for the inner soul of all that surrounds us inspires our creations. Our pieces empower and enhance the deep link between the soul and appearance.

Our mission is to use our designs to educate lovers of jewelry and fashion about spirituality.

Designed in Milan


“My creations are meant to exalt the unique beauty of each woman wearing my pieces, but they are also meant to empower her by enhancing the deep link between her soul and her appearance"

A veteran of the luxury world, Annarita Celano in 2012 embarked on a new adventure and launched her namesake jewelry line.

The sea, a constant presence in the life of a Mediterranean woman, along with Annarita Celano’s deep passion for the Yoga discipline, are the elements at the base of the brand which offers a contemporary, fashionable take on sustainable luxury – all the jewels are made in Italy using only gold from fair mines and certified diamonds.

Annarita Celano’s collections target strong, independent women who look for unique creations infused with an elegant, very individual aesthetic.

From the Riccio collection, including rings resembling sea urchins when they loose their spines to the spiritual Chakra items and the pieces inspired by meditation’s Theta wave, everything is designed to exude an harmonious sense of discreet sophistication.  

Made in Italy

Always Made by Hand

We work with exceptional artisans to craft pieces that honor ethical practices and Italian heritage. From idea to sketch to craftsmanship, each piece is made entirely in Italy from artisans and a designer who have dedicated their lives to carrying on the tradition of Italian design into the modern era.

Respect for Earth

Sustainability & Ethics

At Celano, connecting to spirituality also means exercising responsibility for the Earth and treating your neighbor with love and respect.

Responsible Jewellery Council Certification:  RJC is the only ISEAL Full Member for sustainable standards and practices in the jewellery industry. Its standard Code of Practices aligns with the 17 SDGs and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. 

Kimberley Process Certification: The Kimberley Process (KP) is a commitment to remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. Today, participants actively prevent 99.8% of the worldwide trade of conflict diamonds. 

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