Ethical Gold | Made by Hand | Crafted in Italy

Care Instructions

Your Annarita Celano jewelry is made by hand, precious, and refined. Please take the following precautions before and after wearing your jewelry to help ensure that each piece is preserved as much as possible over time.

Your jewelry should be cleaned regularly to help reduce the natural effects of aging. Please gently polish each piece using a silver cloth.

Please remove your jewelry before sleeping, when you wash your hands, bathe, put on moisturizer or creams, perfume, and avoid using home detergent or any product that contains mercury.

Avoid wearing jewelry at the beach, in the pool or when playing any sport. This helps ensure that jewelry is not exposed to intense sources of heat or extreme temperature changes.

Store your jewelry in the original Annarita Celano case or pouch, closed, and in room temperature immediately after wearing them. Please ensure that chains are closed and laid flat in their original case to avoid tangling.

Do not force clasps, joints and metal frames to close or open and be sure to check the clasp(s) and connecting pieces close and open properly. If you are concerned, you should not wear your jewelry until you have had it professionally checked.